Self-discovery is like a scavenger hunt

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What do I mean by self-discovery?

It’s the journey we take to find the many hidden or forgotten pieces of ourselves.

That journey within may be one of the most fruitful and exciting adventures of your life. But you may be wondering how it’s like a scavenger hunt.

Scavenger hunts often involve clues, and if you’re lucky, unexpected gems. In a self-discovery journey you’re also looking for clues about your personality, values, and beliefs. And on this journey, you’re likely to find hidden talents, strengths, or passions.

So approaching self-discovery like a scavenger hunt makes it less intimidating, and it engages your curiosity making it feel more like an adventure.

Doesn’t an adventure sound much better than what many people fear?

People often shudder at the thought of sitting in the quiet. They’re afraid of what they will hear running around in their brain. They fear the self-judgement that frequently disturbs their peace of mind. You know that voice that critiques your every move. People tell me they fear that sitting quietly will only turn into a brow-beating session. And who wants to do that?

Yet most of my clients do want to know their purpose. They seek the answers to life’s big questions. And for most of us, the only way to do that is to sit, which is my favorite practice because I never know what is going to come to mind.

Sometimes I get a new idea for a business offering. Sometimes my critical judge whom I’ve named CJ starts yakking. I’ve learned over the years to grab a pen and write the insights – positive or negative – in my notebook. I regularly flip back several pages in it to review the previous insights. On many occasions I’ve gotten great ideas that I could and did act on.

If you want to discover more of who you are, including your purpose, consider these five deep-diving questions.

Start by setting aside five twenty-thirty-minute+ sessions of undisturbed quiet time. Ask others to respect your time in reflection.

In each session, ponder one of the questions listed below, in the order presented.

Session 1: What is my desire right now? To grow my business? To set better boundaries? To find out why I’m afraid to step out of my comfort zone?

Session 2: Where do I wish I were, in my personal life, or my business? Think of it more like a vision statement, answering a more long-term question of who do I want to become, or where do I want my company to be in ten years.

Session 3: What do I believe about achieving this vision?

  • For example, if your vision is to have financial freedom, you may discover that growing up, your family had a bunch of negative feelings about money. If that’s the case, you’ll need to work to undo those messages so you’re able to progress.
  • Or, perhaps, you believe to be successful requires you to forfeit fun or family time.

Session 4: What small step(s) can I take this week to move in the direction of my desire? Make a personal commitment by blocking time on your calendar to ensure it happens.

So instead of thinking about self-discovery as a scary, winding road up the mountain, think of it as a scavenger hunt. A fun game of exploration and discovery.

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Ann Ranson helps you satisfy a deeper vision while remaining in harmony with the demands of the markets and society, helping guide you to a place of bolder purpose and greater success.

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