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Engaging Motivation
for Teams and Individuals

Ann offers engaging motivation for teams and individuals from her role as a non-profit strategic planning consultant to customized personal development coaching packages.

Nonprofit strategic planning consultant

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Comprehensive marketing and strategy plan development for non-profit organizations and associations.

Work towards more effectively and quickly achieving your mission without sacrificing your ethics.

Ann’s Strategic Planning Process focuses on a sustainable, holistic approach to your organization.

Through the use of a proven 5-step framework, you’ll come away with an action plan to serve your mission and progress towards your vision:

  • Preparation: determining your starting point helps to clearly define success measurements later on.  Optional: facilitation tools to stimulate team innovation.
  • Discovery: document and data collection for complete analysis.
  • Retreat/Strategy Design Meeting: define strategies and outcomes for goals.
  • Implementation: actionable steps to meet your goals.
  • Next Level Services: assessments to identify gaps or concerns.

With a background in strategic marketing training, combined with her many client success stories, be assured that Ann is highly qualified to guide your organization’s future success.


Unbiased, effective guidance for difficult or taboo topics. 

Whether you’ve identified issues that are keeping your team stuck or are focused on navigating difficulties before they arise, Ann is a highly skilled facilitator for everything from strategic planning retreats to training sessions and business meetings.

Intuitive, professional facilitation can be the difference between success and failure for your team.

Easily navigate potentially tricky situations with transparency and open communication and come away with clearly defined strategies for success.


Thoughtful, creative processes to inspire change for a happier, healthier, more successful life. 

Your critical inner judge is a frequent saboteur–standing in the way of the answers that will help you embrace a more fulfilled, joyful life. An experienced coach provides guidance, support, and accountability to overcome those obstacles.

After decades of coaching and facilitating change through breakthrough moments, Ann expertly helps you balance your needs and external pressure to find success and happiness from within.

Whether you’re searching for professional or personal development, you’re a human first and foremost. You deserve a holistic approach to coaching and intentional guidance on your journey to reach your goals and dreams.


Seeing through the chaos to offer the clearest path forward.

Ann is an accomplished, professional speaker who can help steer audiences to their future success.

Her audiences leave with a strategy and a feeling of hope about their future. Drawing on her own complicated journey, Ann shares how good life is when you learn to see the possibilities around you.

Ann is a two-time TEDx speaker in addition to many other speeches, trainings, and facilitations over the past 15+ years.

Her programs focus on these areas: Strategy, Intention, and Inspired Living.


Transformational guidance to encourage self-discovery and inspire creativity. 

Big life changes carry big emotions with them. When those emotions lead to questions that leave you feeling lost and confused, you may find yourself directionless. Stuck without energy, motivation, or excitement.

The Transformation Game is a critical tool for consciously reconnecting with yourself and finding answers to the questions that are holding you back.

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