Legacy and Leadership

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One’s legacy isn’t confined to your personal legacy. People who have had an active career probably have a professional legacy to consider. And, if you’ve been the owner or leader of a company, the desire for a leadership legacy may be even stronger.

Contemplation of your professional legacy goes beyond reviewing your resume to include reflection time on the impact that your actions and decisions have had on the company, employees, customers and other stakeholders. Ponder your early career dreams and goals – how or have they been achieved? How did they change over time, or did they?

What parts of your professional life have enough meaning to you that you want to share them with your family and friends? Do you want any of them included in your eulogy, ethical will or video biography?

How do you want your contributions at the company (s) where you worked to be remembered? A simple plaque and picture on the wall? An annual award to an employee or vendor who exemplifies a value you fostered? The options are limited only by your desire and creativity.

If you’re the founder of a business, a history of your business can be a rewarding and important journey. Newer employees, customers and investors can benefit by understanding the origins of the business, the motivation for its inception and the values that it was founded on.

And then there’s consideration for how you will use your skills, wisdom and experience during your years of retirement. Will you start a new career or business that fulfills a lifelong dream? Or, is there a nonprofit whose mission touches you that could benefit from what you can offer? Most people find that a happy retirement comes from both making a difference in the community and enjoying the fun and leisure that they’ve earned.


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