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Find Divine Direction Through “The Transformation Game®”

The Transformation Game Board

Experience the deep insights of The Transformation Game® for yourself

Originating in 1978 in tiny Findhorn, Scotland–an incredible, intentional community — The Transformation Game® has been played globally by thousands of people.

And for good reason.

Created and refined by Joy Drake and Kathy Tyler, The Transformation Game® is a powerful, spiritually enlightened board game that helps you to move past your conscious mind and do the deep work that unlocks intuitive wisdom you didn’t even know was trapped inside of you.

These insights lead you to actionable steps you can take right now to create your most fulfilled life.

Guided by Ann Ranson, an Accredited Advanced Transformation Game Facilitator, you’ll be led on a journey around your Life Path on the game board. You’ll tap into self-awareness you can use now to make small, and sometimes transformative changes in your life.

The Intermediate’s Adventure and Soul Master’s Journey Games feature ADVANCED facilitation strategies learned during my training in Findhorn. It is a more in-depth approach, requiring more time. For that reason, they are not used in the Beginner’s Path Game.

The Transformation Game Board with facilitator Ann Ranson

The Transformation Game® Board with facilitator Ann Ranson on zoom

Find what you need – whether you’re lacking motivation, creativity, inspiration, or direction, The Transformation Game® will show you exactly what you need to take the steps that will lead you to your most fulfilled life.

Answers revealed – if you’re feeling stuck, lost, and directionless and wish someone would tell you what to do next, The Transformation Game® helps you find the answers you need, as you need them.

Expert guidance – you don’t have to know anything about The Transformation Game® to get everything you need from it. Ann expertly guides you through every step of the way, tapping into her rich coaching and facilitation skills to ask you exactly the right questions that guide you to deeper insights as you play.

Goodbye, critic – your inner critic doesn’t want you to play The Game because no one judges you more harshly than your inner critical judge. Transformation Games are judgment-free zones.

Remote play options – easy to sign up for and even easier to show up, with the game set and ready for you to participate. Playing in the comfort of your own home allows you time and space to process your new revelations as they unfold. The Beginner’s Path version of The Game is held via Zoom.

Compass to Guide Your Journey

Executive Retreats

The Transformation Game® also plays a central role in the leader retreats that I facilitate.

Leadership Connection Retreats bring leadership teams together, allowing each person to step into a bigger vision of their company and themselves. They can expect to gain knowledge that will help them:

  • Accelerate impact by identifying and addressing limiting beliefs or patterns.
  • Prevent/heal burnout by providing insights and tools for relief.
  • Build team relationships and trust.
  • Improve communications within the team to maximize impact down the chain of command.

The exact agenda of each retreat is unique and customized to accomplish the goals we generate through the scope of work discussions.

Included in most retreats:

  • Pre-retreat strategy sessions to identify issues & opportunities most needing attention.
  • Set Intentions then play and complete The Transformation Game®.
  • Strategy sessions to debrief, then integrate insights into practical applications.
  • Fun and Food.

Email me to set a time to talk about your team and how this retreat might meet your needs:

The Life Path that each player will travel.

The Life Path that each player will travel.

Private Games

Some players prefer to play The Transformation Game® with friends and family.

To make that happen, I offer private games that can either be facilitated in my home or at your location (either in Dallas or covering my travel expenses). You extend invitations to 4-6 people you think would like to play. I’ll handle the follow-up communications, directions, instructions, payments, etc.

Some private groups play every six months to gain current insights and direction to keep their focus, while opening to new possibilities. They see it almost like a Mastermind group or a strategy session for a new vision.

Email me to discuss available dates:

  1. Ask a question and set an intention you need the most help with right now.
  2. Journey along your Life Path in The Transformation Game®.
  3. Encounter opportunities for insights, awareness, self-discovery and more.
  4. Accomplish milestones and watch how your intention is impacted by your choices.
  5. Get expert, empathetic guidance interpreting and exploring the deepest meaning of each move.

Once the game is complete, there’s a proven process to more deeply understand the outcomes of your game and how you can apply actionable insights to your life right now.

Plus, you have the opportunity to explore other coaching options with Ann that will take what you uncovered in The Transformation Game® and apply it to every aspect of your life.

“The game is pure magic”

“I went into the Transformation Game with no expectations and was blown away by what I learned about myself in such a short amount of time.

It’s been a few months and I can honestly say I’ve revisited the outcomes Ann helped me uncover with her expert facilitation of The Game almost daily.

I’m so grateful for Ann’s intuitive coaching skills. She gave me real guidance for being my best self!”

Elle R
Conversion Copywriter for Coaches, Consultants, and Course Creators

“I very much enjoyed the Transformation Game. I didn’t know what to expect by making a game of my real-life aspirations, but it really did reveal some valuable insights. I highly recommend going through this process and doing so with an open mind and heart. Ann has a way of making this process enjoyable and insightful. She is a wonderful facilitator.”

Lisa Maxwell
CFO, Succeed on Purpose

Ann’s unique ability to guide and explain a person’s journey through the Transformation Game was significant and, for me, life changing. Those that know me know I lead Life through my brain … not my heart. That just changed today!

I was amazed at the insights I gained by playing the Transformation Game. It didn’t let me slide on anything – it encouraged me to meet my issues head on so that my intention can be realized. It wasn’t just about here is what you can do to make your dream a reality; it was remembering that there are things that cannot be ignored if you want to be successful.

Ann navigated four very different personalities with ease and was able to offer deeper insights and ask poignant questions that enriched the whole experience.

The transformation Game is a virtual mirror that shows us how we ‘operate’. By means of a fairly simple board game, our motives, intentions and behaviors are revealed in great detail, allowing us to adjust or re-imagine our own future actions.

Ann’s facilitation of the Transformation Game is spot on and brilliant. She gives laser feedback with tenderness and respect. This game is an amazing tool for breakthroughs and for acknowledging the best that we are as individuals as well as making a significant impact on humanity. It’s effects create a ripple of love and awareness that is – well, Transformative!

Ann’s facilitation of the Transformation Game is spot on and brilliant. She gives laser feedback with tenderness and respect. This game is an amazing tool for breakthroughs and for acknowledging the best that we are as individuals as well as making a significant impact on humanity. It’s effects create a ripple of love and awareness that is – well, Transformative!

The game is pure magic. It was created with every little detail in mind. I truly felt like I was travelling through layers of myself and discovering more about myself and gaining insight on how I can better support my own growth.

I loved the intimacy that was created very quickly with people I had never met.

I was amazed at the depth and quality of insights I received in such a short amount of time.

The Transformation Game was incredibly insightful especially with Ann’s thoughtful facilitation which generated new beliefs and awareness around my intention.

The Transformation Game is everything that its name implies. The context of playing allowed me to move past my conscious mind and unveil what was really running me. It is weeks later and I am still getting AHA’s from the game!

I love the game, but add Ann into the mix, and it’s life changing!

The Transformation Game provided me with an opportunity to join with other empowered players also committed to growth, healing and realization of our highest potential and the tools provided by the game allowed me to fulfill my intention. What a gift!

What a game! Had a major breakthrough within 10 minutes of play! Ann is as knowledgeable about this game as they come. Not only does Ann have over 25 plus years of playing, she actually traveled to Scotland (the origin of the game) to learn and enhance her facilitating skills! She is as serious about the outcome for you as she is delightful in her observations to guide you along! Please consider giving this game a try…you will not be disappointed!

Learn more about how The Transformation Game® causes a ripple effect of love, awareness, and transformation.

The Beginner’s Path

Experience The Transformation Game®

If you can carve out just ONE afternoon for yourself – you can walk away with actionable information that will set you on a path of self-discovery. But only if you choose to use it.

The Intermediate’s Adventure

Explore New Insights From The Transformation Game®

In less time than a day of work, this level of play will get you even deeper into the insights that help you build self-awareness. Note: You may choose to play The Beginner’s Path first, but it’s not a prerequisite for exploring what this option will bring to your attention.

The Soul Master’s Journey

Apply Spiritual Practices With The Transformation Game®

For anyone who wants to explore a deep self-mastery, this 2.5-day intensive level will take you on a journey. You’ll learn how you can apply spiritual practices to your life beyond the game and find out how you can begin to listen to your inner voice. Most people who play this level of the game walk away knowing how to intentionally align their lives with their higher purpose.

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