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1. Using Hope to Build an Effective Engagement Strategy

This program is perfect for:

  • Nonprofit, business, and community leaders with the authority and drive to initiate strategies for a positive work culture.

What pain/need is it addressing?

  • Employee anxiety, disengagement, and disconnect
  • Decreased productivity, high turnover, and low team morale


Research confirms what you already know – an increasing number of people are battling anxiety, depression, and hopelessness in today’s society.

These issues create many challenges in the workplace, including open positions, turnover, and lack of engagement, and result in diminished ability to deliver on your mission and goals.

As a leader, you can effectively address and overcome these challenges by strategically creating and sustaining a culture of hope.

The human body’s physiological response to hope creates a unique opportunity to use this powerful tool as a re-engagement strategy in the workplace and to truly make a difference in the lives of your team members.

3 things you’ll learn

  1. Our physiological response to hope as a motivator and how to respect personal boundaries while using hope as an engagement strategy.
  2. Simple, effective techniques for creating and maintaining a strategy of hope to maximize its ripple effect and momentum.
  3. Mini-lesson on identifying your personal source of hope so you can more effectively strategize with others.

2. Overcoming Overwhelm Through Inspired Living

This program is perfect for:

  • Professional women and anyone under undue stress

What pain/need is it addressing?

  • A sense of overwhelm, disconnect, or loss of purpose
  • Imposter syndrome and self-criticism


You’re under an unsustainable amount of stress every day, and it’s compromising your health and relationships with yourself and others.

Much of the stress that leads to overwhelm and a disconnect from yourself can be traced back to the Critical Inner Judge in your head that never shuts off.

“You’re not good enough. You can’t do it right. Just give up.” On an endless loop.

So, how do you quiet that critical inner judge? How do you find peace through the commotion? How do you tap into a higher source of energy and affirmation?

We’ll navigate it all in this program.

3 things you’ll learn

  1. Understand the role of your Critical Inner Judge in periods of stress and overwhelm.
  2. Learn which steps to take so you can quiet the Critical Inner Judge and trust yourself.
  3. Leave with an actionable tip to create instant peace, no matter where you are.

3. Bridge the Civility Divide with Intention

This program is perfect for:

  • Association, nonprofit and business leaders and executive teams.

What pain/need is it addressing?

  • Broken/divisive culture
  • High turnover rates
  • Unacceptable rate of HR complaints


America is more divided than ever.

We want to believe we’re polite and considerate of others – that we’re civil. But the reality is that people are constantly labeled and dismissed based on one action/opinion, regardless of the situation or person as a whole.

There’s a large gap between disagreeing with someone’s beliefs and treating them with kindness.

Civility allows us to bridge that gap. And it starts by taking personal responsibility.

By helping our employees and team members develop even a few of these traits – respect, grace, authenticity, curiosity, tolerance, warmth, compassion, trust, harmony, and presence – we can better equip them to behave with civility.

3 things you’ll learn

  1. What civility is and why it’s important.
  2. How to use The Civility Quotient Assessment to identify existing issues within your workplace culture.
  3. How to cultivate civility and use it to build trust in your home and office.

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