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Know Why it Matters:

Purpose & Spirituality Work

  • At some point on your journey, your faith enters the conversation.
  • It beckons you to go a little deeper into the meaning of life for you.
  • Kind of a two-parter. First, what do you believe? Second, how do you live what you believe, which is what I believe we’re all called to do.

Simon Sinek’s book, Start with Why has sold over one million copies because it urges us to know our why. And in business, he demonstrates that we buy this product over another because of the why, not the what or how.

While my spiritual why sets a bit of a different tone, it has the same significance.

Most of you have some type of faith tradition, even if it has no formal doctrine or practice.

One of my great joys is in helping you identify or articulate your beliefs so that you can more consistently and happily live them. That’s really where the work begins. It’s much easier to say, “I believe in a God of love”, than it is to explain why bad things happen.


Whatever you believe, being congruent and authentic to those beliefs is a hallmark of a life filled with meaning and purpose.


When you work with me on your Know Why, usually through coaching, we’ll use a variety of tools to help you identify your spiritual priorities so that we can design a practical way of living them.

The Transformation Game® also provides a window into your unique beliefs and habits that are often obscured from everyday sight. Learn more about the Game.

If you’d like support in living your spiritual principles, let’s talk. Drop me a note if you’d like to schedule a quick call:

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