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Know Where You’re Going:

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  • You’ve become more aware of who you are today, now what?
  • You want this time to be different; to take some, even small action but you don’t know where to begin?
  • Much like a strategic plan, you start with a vision, then imagine ways to get there.
  • Using what you learned about yourself It’s time to prioritize what matters to you.

Self-awareness is the beginning of the journey toward fulfillment, personally and professionally.

Now that you have the starting point, it’s time to give thought to the destination.

What is your ultimate, and ideal outcome that you seek? You likely got some clues during your exploration of self. Now it’s time for a deeper dive. After all, we can’t arrive at the destination if we haven’t identified it.

For me, it begins with a Vision Statement. This is when you’ll tap into the inner desires that are motivating your journey. It helps you get clear so you can manifest or share it with others.

As a Strategic Planning Consultant, I often help organizations create a juicy vision statement. Juicy because it evokes emotion and draws others into its fulfillment. It’s the first step in getting yourself and others to buy into the trek.


In a strategic plan, the Vision sits at the top because it drives everything else in the plan.


If your desire is to make an impact in the community, you first must define what that would look like. Having done that, you can begin to design strategies that will help you get there.

You’ve got your starting point, and you have a juicy vision. Now what? How do you get there?

Many strategic plans fall apart in the implementation phase. We’ll work together to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Through coaching, consulting, or group facilitation, I can guide you, and your team, through a proven process to get you from here to there.

If you’d like support in reaching your ideal outcome, let’s talk. Drop me a note if you’d like to schedule a quick call:

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