Personal 1:1 Transformation Game® Sessions


Are you seeking something different in your life, but you don’t know what, and you don’t want to seem ungrateful for all that you do have? And, are you ready to explore what’s possible? Or maybe you just have life questions you’d like answered.

Then schedule a Personal 1:1 Transformation Game Session – a 60-minute private experience using elements from the Transformation Game. We’ll use the Insight, Setback, and Angel cards to explore your question, letting the game cards reveal what you need to know.


Personal 1:1 Transformation Game® Sessions use three elements from The Transformation Game® to get information about a question or intention that you have. We’ll draw from the Insight, Setback, and Angel card decks to get answers, working together to interpret each card as it’s related to your question or intention.


Insight Card icon     Insight cards state truths that you need to remember and steps you might take to realize your goals. They may highlight a direction or resource available to you.


Setback Card icon     Setback cards look at blocks, beliefs, or limitations that are keeping you from achieving your goals.


Angel Card icon     Angel cards name spiritual qualities that have come to help you through your process and inspire your actions.

The foundation for the session is The Transformation Game, a board game, created in Findhorn Scotland in the 1980’s. It was divinely inspired and invites you to be inspired by using your own gut and intuition. Answers always come, and they’re always just what you need to hear, though it may not be what you’re expecting.

Can you benefit from The Transformation Game coaching session?

Yes, especially if you’re open to receiving answers and exploring possibilities that are beyond the obvious, sometimes asking what if. That level of openness will yield answers, direction, and the confidence to act on your desires.

And you’ll be heard. Whatever your ideas or concerns, my pledge is to listen – to what you say, but also to what you’re not saying – considering how that may impact the question at hand?

To prepare for your session, think of 1-2 specific questions or an intention that you want to better understand. Below are a few examples of others’ questions or intentions:

  • What is going on with my work situation?
  • How can I find a love partner?
  • I intentionally use and share my intuition.
  • I intend to embrace the real me.

Where: Sessions are held virtually.

Time: Sixty minutes. Office hours are generally 10am-6pm, Monday-Friday.

Registration: $180

Learn more about The Transformation Game®.

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