Strategy Intensive


Get done in one day what many take months to achieve!

Spend a day, plus time preparing and implementing, and walk away knowing what to do with your business.

First we’ll create your focus, or strategy, then work on how to achieve them so that you have the success you seek without wasting time on activities that sound good, but don’t actually help you achieve your goals.


Since your time is at a premium, i designed the Strategy Intensive. A one-day drill-down on the key strategies to take your business to greater success through the focus that a strong strategy provides.

It’s tempting to chase every new, bright, and shining marketing idea that comes along. And even though you can get lucky from time to time, the success rarely lasts. Why? Because the actions aren’t built on a solid foundation, forcing you, you think, to wait for the next shiny thing to come along in hopes that it will be the magic bullet.

Why waste the time and money?

Instead, build a strategy that can accommodate changing market conditions, while focusing your precious resources.

In this one-day session – plus prep- and post-work – you’ll identify Four Critical Keys to success:

  • Your vision, mission, and values.
  • Your target audience, or primary customer.
  • Your top three goals for the next year.
  • Your action plan.

You’ll leave the session knowing exactly what to do next.



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