Intuitive Solutions: A Tool for Inspired Action


Intuitive Solutions® is a quick and easy tool to gain immediate insights into any issue you’re facing.

Each kit includes a deck of Insight, Setback and Angel Cards plus an instruction booklet.

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Intuitive Solutions® is a tool for inspired action and offers immediate insights into any situation that you are facing.

It’s a simple tool that you can use at any time to receive insights and feedback on any issue you’re facing.

Intuitive Solutions: A Tool for Inspired Action

By first setting an intention and then keeping an open mind, you’ll intuitive choose cards that will help you better understand what’s going on.

Steps to using Intuitive Solutions®:
  • Set an intention or hold an issue in mind
  • Decide to have an open mind
  • Draw your Key Insight card
  • Draw a Possible Setback card
  • Choose another Insight card to indicate an available resource
  • Choose an Angel card
  • Note any realizations and a-ha’s you get
  • Decide on action steps
Each kit comes with:
  • One Insight deck
  • One Setback deck
  • One Angel Card deck
  • Instructions

Gain clarity in just minutes when you use this fast and easy tool.


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