Intuitive Solutions Coaching Sessions


Intuitive Solutions® Coaching helps you gain insights, solve problems and move forward. Easy, practical and quick.

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Intuitive Solutions Coaching Calls

Intuitive Solutions® Cards are an amazing way to get to the heart of a situation or intention.

Perhaps you want to better understand:

  • Why you’ve been looking for work and can’t find it
  • A move you’re considering
  • Why you’re not taking better care of yourself

Using the cards, or the app, together we journey into the issue to find insights, potential setbacks and the angels or forces that are supporting you.


Before the first appointment, you’ll download the Intuitive Solutions® App so you can get familiar with it.

Then during each coaching session, you’ll bring an intention or issue you want to work on. You’ll draw the cards, then we’ll discuss their potential meanings. It’s a simple tool that you can use at any time to receive insights and feedback on any issue you’re facing.

Sessions are 55-minutes. Or buy a package of three sessions and save 20%.  It’s nice to have a session pre-paid when something comes up and you need quick insight.


Intuitive Solutions: A Tool for Inspired Action

Intuitive Solutions: A Tool for Inspired Action


Steps to using Intuitive Solutions®:
  • Set an intention or hold an issue in mind
  • Decide to have an open mind
  • Draw your Key Insight card
  • Draw a Possible Setback card
  • Choose another Insight card to indicate an available resource
  • Choose an Angel card
  • Note any realizations and a-ha’s you get
  • Decide on action steps
Each kit comes with:
  • One Insight deck
  • One Setback deck
  • One Angel Card deck
  • Instructions

Gain clarity in just minutes when you use this fast and easy tool.



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