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Intentions Group Experience using Transformation Game Cards



I created the Experience in response to requests for a Transformation Game-related activity for a small group, using the Intuitive Solution Decks which includes the Insight, Setback, and Angel cards. The host of the group will solicit 3 participants in advance, so they have a chance to think of an issue or opportunity they’d like to better understand. When it’s their turn, I’ll ask for the question, then choose one card from each deck, following a specific process, to get and process information received.

So gather some friends for some serious fun and answers to your burning questions.

Intention Experiences

The Intuitive Solution cards were created by the same people as the Transformation Game and include the same information as these decks in the game.

Sessions are run via Zoom.

The total cost is $100, which can be paid by the host, or divided among the guests. I request one payment of $100, so the host will need to collect all of the monies.

The ‘activity’ lasts about 60-75 minutes and begins with a brief explanation of the game, its’ origin, and its many benefits.


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