Intentions at Work: 83 Spiritual Tools to Succeed in Business


The book, Intentions at Work: 83 Spiritual Tools to Succeed in Business is a handy tool to improve your mood, remember a higher truth, or simply to feel inspired. Each page shares a ‘thought for the day’ along with a related quote.



Change your attitude quickly with this easy, thought-for-the-day book.

If you ever feel like you need a break from the stress and pressure, and only have a moment to spare, then you’ll want to buy this book.  These easy to read, valuable tips will help you replace the typical office chaos with a brief journey to a peaceful oasis.  The more you can seek the harmony, the more productive and rewarding your work will be.

You’ll find this harmony at the intersection of your head and heart – what is often referred to as coherence.  It’s an approach that complements the business principles of the triple bottom line, which puts a strategic focus on the people, planet and profit bottom lines.

Open the book and either randomly select a page, or start at the beginning and read through.  Once you’ve chosen a page, read the tip and quote.  Reflect on how it relates to your life today or the current situation, then return to your work with a refreshed and focused state of mind.

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