Harvesting the good in 2020

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I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been affected by the pandemic and its widespread consequences. My son was laid off immediately. A dear friend lost her amazing husband to Covid. And according to many experts, we’re all feeling low-level anxiety all the time.

It’s a lot to take in, let alone process. Yet, that’s exactly what I’d like you to do.

Yes, we’ve been dealing with all of the negatives, but everyday I’m hearing about people who have found blessings within the bedlam.

As this extraordinary year comes to an end, let’s spending some time thinking about the good that happened in 2020.

Of course, as a strategy consultant, I want you first to look at your current strategic plan. And if you don’t have one, consider the benefits of even a one-year plan. It will help you focus, engage your stakeholders, and keep you from chasing the next bright shiny object.

As you review the plan, ask yourself:
·       What did we accomplish?
·       What did we miss on?
·       What changed, that needs further attention?

Then, open your appointment calendar or notebook and scan them to review your activities. This tactical level won’t show up in your plan, and I can say that personally this is a very revealing activity. I just went through this review, and frankly, I was shocked at how much time I let get away from me this year, even giving myself some compassion for the distractions that screamed at me this year.

As you review your calendar, ask yourself:
·       Where did you spend the most time that you thought was worthwhile? What do you want to do more of in 2021?
·       Where did time get away from you?  What do you want to release next year?
·       Who did you meet or talk with where there are great possibilities for future collaboration? What’s your next step?

Now let’s go up to 40,000 feet and look around at your organization. 
·       From there, that high vantage, how does this year look and feel now that it’s in the rear-view mirror?
·       Again, big picture, what did you learned that surprised you? About your people? Your processes?

Lastly, I invite you to take a moment to just sit with yourself and consider your year, personally.

  • How did you manage?
  • Where did you really shine?
  • Where do you feel you let yourself or others down?
  • What are you most proud of, both personally and as a leader?
  • How well did you take care of your own needs?

So that’s the goal today, to find the good, recognize it, learn and grow from it.

For us to get stronger we must harvest the good, rather, mine the data, of our life, our head, and our organization. Because as German philosopher Nietzsche said, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.

Enjoy another take on Nietzsche’s lesson – the smash hit from Kelly Clarkson with the same title – What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger –  https://youtu.be/Xn676-fLq7I

You’ve made it through a tough year, now go celebrate the good that came through despite it all.


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