What’s important to you?

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What’s Important to You?

Many people are not consciously aware of their values. Frankly, most of us are so over-scheduled that we don’t have the time to contemplate ‘such lofty ideals’. Yet, values are what our society most needs right now.

Do this.

Take out a piece of paper or open a screen where you can make some notes. In a moment, I’ll ask you to write down the five values that you hold most dear to you. Ones that you cannot imagine a life without. Imagine that you only get one opportunity to choose and you’ll live with these choices for decades. You’ll have 60-seconds.

I can already hear your wheels turning and wondering, “what does she mean by values, exactly”?

Does she mean what I teach my children about sharing and being kind?

Or, is it more like the Golden Rule?

Perhaps yes, and yes. Your values are personal and distinctly unique. No other person will have the exact same list and intensity of values. Let’s start with a definition:

val·ues – /ˈvalyo͞o/ –  noun

    • A person’s principles or standards of behavior; one’s judgment of what is important in life. Eg: “they internalize their parents’ rules and values”

Now, here are just a few examples to prime the pump:

Honesty Creativity
Relationships Results
Success Faith
Service Wellness

Remember, you only have 60-seconds to decide the five values that you will live with for decades. Meaning, these five will become the foundation for your life. All decisions will run through these filters and will largely chart the course you’ll be taking.

So, 60-seconds. Now, Ready, Set, and Go!

Gong! Times up.

How did you do? Look at your list – are you happy with what you wrote? Or do you feel like you missed something. Maybe something really important? But in the moment with only seconds to consider, you missed it. This exercise can be hard. It takes time. Thankfully for many of us, we have an expected gift of time. What an opportunity!

I invite you to do this exercise again, but with time, thought, family discussion, prayer, meditation. Starting with a blank screen can be intimidating. So, to make this journey more enriching, I have created a Core Values Worksheet as my gift to you. In it you’ll find over 100 values to choose from as your most important.

Here’s the link to the Worksheet including instructions on how to get the most from the activity.

I hope you’ll make the time to do this simple, yet powerful exercise. And, if you’re willing, I’d love to hear your reaction – what did you discover or remember?



Ann Ranson

Business and Life Strategist

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