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Begin Your Transformation with a
Discover Your Strengths Coaching Package

In four simple steps, you’ll learn more about yourself than you thought possible.

  1. First, take an in-depth CliftonStrengths online assessment to identify your Top 5 Strengths.
  2.  Second, receive detailed personalized reports that outline all your strengths, provides activities to drill down and learn more, and get insights on how to leverage them.
  3. Third, get a professional review of your assessment results helping you understand how your strengths are related, how they sometimes intensify or collide with each other, and how best to use your strengths to succeed.
  4. Fourth, schedule a private 75-minute phone/zoom coaching session to learn the results of my review and to do a deep dive on how using your strengths information can help to develop strong, and trust-based relationships.
Ann Ranson | Intentional Coaching for Powerful Breakthroughs

Let’s Discover Your Strengths!
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Follow-on help is available in packages of three 50-minute sessions @ $407.

Use them to create a plan of action or to work through any sticky or troubling situations.