Be a Light. See the Light.

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Be a Light. See the Light.

What does it mean to be a light?

As many of you know, I worked in the radio industry for about 30 years before going out on my own as a consultant. I loved the work and my clients, but sometimes I wondered whether my work was really making a difference in the world. I worked heavily in the automotive industry. But, could me helping sell more Chevrolet’s really matter?
In a conversation with a spiritual mentor and teacher, I asked that exact question. Their response surprised me.

“You don’t know it, but sometimes you are the only light in the lives of the people you encounter.”

WOW, I thought.

She went on to say that my desire to build trust and strong relationships was a positive thing. And that to do so required me to be kind, generous, even supportive. As she talked, I could see what she meant.

It wasn’t that I was delivering any huge insights, but I was respectful and compassionate.
So, how would that look in your life. How can you Be a Light?

Pause for a moment in your reading and jot down a few ideas. I’ll start by offering a few ideas:
• Are you funny? Can you brighten someone’s day with a joke or funny story?
• Are you good with a camera, and could share a beautiful or touching photograph?

Now, it’s your turn – how do you think you can you Be a Light?

Then, on the flip side. How can you better See the Light that surrounds us? And what do I even mean by that?

I think of Seeing the Light as seeing the good around us. A butterfly flitted in the backyard. The feel of a breeze on my skin.

It seems to me that Seeing the Light requires us to be present to the moment we’re in. We can’t be worrying about the past or future if we’re to see the good that I believe always surrounds us.

It’s easy to look at media and think the world is falling apart. I agree that we are in a time of disruption. But, what if, all the messiness we see is, in fact, an opportunity for huge growth? That is Seeing the Light.

I’m sure you’ve heard that for something new, better to come in, we often have to let go of something from our past. My new rule is about books. I have several bookshelves, and that’s how many books I can own. It’s full, so to get more, I must let go of some. What if we think of our life that way? For new, lighter thoughts to emerge, we must make room by letting go of the negative, diminishing thoughts.

It seems to me that being and seeing light in the world is a positive and powerful way to live. My faith supports this concept, as I believe in a God of good. There is always light (good) out there, we just have to open our eyes and our heart to be it and see it.

Godspeed on your journey to the light.

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