Announcing Spiritual Coaching Services

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Spiritual Coaching Benefits

A coaching client recently asked me to help him learn more about spirituality. He and I had worked together many years ago, and unbeknownst to me, he and another colleague had given me the nickname of Metaphysical Moma. I was so excited to learn of his aspirations as I have long had the desire to help people grow spiritually. His question allowed me to say yes to this dream!!!

Drum roll please!!!

Today I’m officially announcing the addition of Spiritual Coaching to my Business and Personal coaching practices.

You may be wondering what a spiritual coach does and more importantly how it might benefit you.

A Spiritual Coach helps you gain a deeper understanding of your life and the many events that you’ll experience. There is a meaning or purpose for each one, and it’s my intention to help you discover what each is teaching you. I’ll serve as your guide on this joyful journey within, working to understand that no act is random; rather everything is happening so that you can learn and grow. It’s happening for you.

We’ll explore what you might be curious to learn about . . .

  • What’s the difference between spirituality and religion?
  • Do you have to be religious to benefit from spiritual coaching?
  • What if you follow a particular faith tradition; will Spiritual Coaching interfere?

These are great questions that I’m excited to answer.

Spirituality v. Religion: The short answer to the difference is that religion teaches obedience and spirituality teaches responsibility.

No, you don’t have to be religious to grow from spiritual coaching. You just need to be curious about the deeper meanings of your life.

Spiritual Coaching is designed to help you connect with your higher self, build trust in your intuition, release judgment and negativity, and heal wounds that may be holding you back. None of these require you to be a certain religion.

Spiritual Coaching will not conflict or try to replace your current beliefs. It simply helps you remember and honor your connection to something bigger than yourself. Many of us call it God. Others name that something bigger as the Divine, the Universe, the Creator, or Spirit. Use whatever name resonates with you.

These new Spiritual Coaching services will be woven into my work to the degree that you want. After studying your responses to my New Client Questionnaire, I’ll meet you where you are. You will always be in charge and will guide me in providing you with the best approach for your particular needs and beliefs.

It is my deepest desire to help you grow. To achieve your dreams. To believe in yourself as a magnificent and unique child of God.

If you’re curious to experience this approach, schedule a 30-minute Discovery Call for a sample!





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