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Ann Ranson is a healer, teacher and facilitator of spiritual, personal and professional growth.

She combines her experience as a strategist, life and business coach with her passion for living life to the fullest, now and until the end.

As a trained life and business coach, she has helped many clients get to the root of their situations to find ideal outcomes.


A few career highlights:

  • Creator of Intentions Work and its programs that help you find and honor your true self.

  • Founder and CEO, Bottom Line ³ Marketing  and By the Grace of Tea, a gourmet tea company

  • Builder of the Dallas Cowboys Radio Network sales operation from the ground up

  • Developer and manager of 6-7 figure marketing campaigns for major national companies


Recognition and Community Involvement

Ann is very involved in the community serving as a volunteer advocate for AARP Texas. She is the author of “Intentions at Work:  83 Spiritual Tools to Succeed in Business” and has chapters in two books: “50 Ways Coaches Can Change the World” by C.J. Hayden and “Positively Brilliant: Self Mastery”, by Peter J. Reding.  Her previous board service includes: Rasur International, National Speakers Association of North Texas, American Marketing Association/DFW and Women of Visionary Influence/Addison, and Friends of the Bath House Cultural Center.



Ann offers a variety of workshops and retreats.


According to Now Discover Your Strengths, Ann’s top 5 talents are:

Empathy – Connectedness – Strategic – Maximizer – Relator

According to Now Discover Your Strengths, Ann Ranson brings you the following strengths and benefits


Benefits to Organizations

Ann’s Top 5 Strengths

Benefits to Individuals

Empathy drives connection with stakeholders; understanding of their needs; translation into opportunity


Key Word: Intuitive

Someone who can understand how you feel and can help draw out the best possibilities

Seeing connections in possibilities, data, and issues provides leaders with insights to run their business optimally.


Key Word: Holistic

Access clarity, cutting through the clutter that intrudes your mind and your life story.

Achieve with greater ease  by engaging a strategic POV.


Key Word: Sharp

Looking into the future to co-create a path forward

You get the process and the thinking to help you maximize the impact of your three bottom lines.


Key Word: Excellence

Get processes and support to get the best results from your efforts

An inch-wide-and-mile deep approach gets to the core of the culture, key issues, opportunities and industry, while offering an outsiders perspective.


Key Word: Friend

Someone you can relate to.


Using the Core Clarity Model overlayed with the Now Discover Your Strengths material, I’d describe me this way: I first feel into the situation as I begin to see the wholeness of things, then the interconnected pieces, to then co-create a path towards the ideal impact while relating like old friends.


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